Finnish EdTech innovation Mightifier exists to let everyone see how they matter to others!

Mightifier is an innovative EdTech solution from the education super power, Finland, and will be taking the SXSW stage on March 13th in the Nordic Pitch together with four other best Nordic startups. The company Mighty United will represent Finland with the award-winning Mightifier-app, and is proud to demonstrate how EdTech can help make schools safer learning environments.

Finnish EdTech innovation Mightifier helps kids master their social and emotional skills. Mightifier method redefines the ways to improve school well-being and fight bullying. Mightifier is a positive peer communication tool with a measurable impact. The app boosts social-emotional learning, which is strongly connected to social skills vital to the success of the 21st Century kids.

With Mightifier app students learn to give each other positive feedback based on character strengths seen their peers’ everyday behavior. Regular Mightifying leads to improved class environment, less bullying, and a better focus on learning. Easy and fun – Mightifying is done in minutes!

Mighty Wellbeing Pulse helps teachers, principals and district leaders to follow up on wellbeing & bullying levels for early interference. Friendships help people develop emotionally and morally. Lack of friends can lead to emotional and mental difficulties later in life [1]. Social exclusion leads to low self-esteem and loosing meaningfulness, sense of belonging, and control [2]. That’s why EdTech innovation Mightifier can simply turn lives around by boosting students’ self-esteem and showing how everyone matters!

The SXSW Nordic pitch will take place on March 13th at the House of Scandinavia at 15:00! Request invitation here to join us.

Additional information about Mightifier:
Mervi Pänkäläinen
+358 400 885221

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The Mighty United CEO Mervi Pänkäläinen

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