As this challenging semester has come to an end in most countries all over the world, we wanted to focus on teachers’ recovery and wellbeing. Often we only talk about students’ health and coping but this time the focus is on teachers. Here are our top 3 tips to make sure you are ready for the next school semester whatever it may bring.


1. Take time to relax and recover

Our brains and bodies need a lot of rest. As a teacher you do a very important job and also have a lot of responsibility. When schedules are tight and everything needs to be done as effectively and fast as possible, we get easily too tired and our performance suffers. As an educator you look after the students’ wellbeing but what often lacks attention is your own wellbeing.

We want to encourage you to take some time for yourself, relax, sleep enough, eat well and exercise and what is most important, do something that makes you feel happy and you really enjoy doing. If we do not take care of ourselves, we will not be able to take care of others. After this challenging year, the importance of rest and self-care is bigger than ever. So give yourself the time to rest and do things you enjoy, it will give a positive boost for you that will help you with the upcoming semester.


2. Keep in contact with your friends

Whether you have kept distance with your friends or you are able to see them already face-to-face, the importance of having someone to talk with and share ideas and feelings is enormous. We often focus on the mental and physical aspects of our wellbeing but the social part is just as important as the others.

You may feel tired and sometimes it is good to just be alone as well but when talking to a friend, you may be surprised how they have also been experiencing similar emotions and moods as you have. Facing challenging times together with someone is a lot easier than facing them alone.

Empathy and support of a friend is highly valuable in uncertain situations. So whether you want to just have fun and laugh together or you need to talk about deeper feelings and want someone to be there for you, trust in your friends and give them a visit or a call.


3. Plan and prepare for the future

In many countries around the world, the situation is currently very unclear when it comes to the fall term in schools. Is it going to be remote learning again or are we able to go back to schools? Maybe it will be a variation of these two. Whatever is ahead of us is still very unclear and the uncertainty can cause us stress and even anxiety.

While still relaxing and enjoying the holidays, looking ahead and planning for the next semester could help in reducing the stress. When something is already planned and organized, it can be easier to relax as well. What we would suggest for the coming semester would be lowering the demand on the academics and focusing on getting the students back on track with school work and checking on their wellbeing.

Building a safe environment for the students where they can be themselves, whether this happens through a video platform or in classrooms, is the key for the start of the learning process. Talking about emotions openly with the student and encouraging them to express how they feel will give them the space to open up and feel safe and valued.


Time for some self-reflection and building up strength

Another thing to keep in mind even during the holidays is the importance of self-awareness and understanding what you are good at and what you could try to improve. Teaching students their character strengths is a lot easier when you know your own strengths well. Give yourself some time and think about your own strengths and how you demonstrate them and in what kinds of situations. Understanding yourself will be helpful when you wish your students to get a better understanding of their character strengths.

We hope you find these tips helpful and use them to your advantage!

Enjoy your well-deserved holidays!