Happy New Year 2019!


We are ready to turn a clean slate for 2019. New year, new me – right? Well, this year we’d like to suggest a little twist to your resolution routines. Replace new year, new me with new year, mighty me. Don’t do changes because you feel bad about yourself – do changes because you want to love and appreciate yourself! Here are five tips to get you started:


1. Start the year with Mightifying yourself

What could be a better way to start a new year than giving yourself a positive, loving feedback! Mightify yourself based on how you succeeded in 2018. What was your Super Strength? Maybe you got creative at work, treated people around you with fairness or embraced love of learning in school. Take a few minutes to quiet down and give yourself a good pad on the back for the things you succeeded in.


2. Set regular and realistic goals

Once you’ve jumped on the positive feedback bandwagon – go ahead an make it a habit! Maybe for the year of 2019 you could take 5 minutes every week to think about how you succeeded during the week. It’s easy to slip from new routines, but maybe you could mark a little heart on every Monday morning of your calendar to remind you to take a moment to appreciate your strengths. Don’t get too ambitious – make resolutions you actually can keep! And remember to be proud of yourself when you succeed in keeping them.


3. Make resolutions for love

Forget ”To do” –lists and improvement points for a moment. Don’t make resolutions to punish yourself – make resolutions to love yourself. E.g.  if you feel like exercising more, do it because you love your body and want to nurture it. And remember to be proud of what it can achieve. There’s no use for punish yourself if you ate a few (dozens) too many Christmas chocolates – we promise you it’s only part of good self-care regime!


4. Dare to practice self-care

Speaking of self-care: we recommend you to practice our Mightifier character strength of December in January too! Self-care is all about taking good care of one’s well-being and the ability to decide what promotes it. What could be more important? Check out our five tips for practicing self-care here.


5. Doing good for others is good for you

Our favorite tip for taking care of yourself comes right here: doing good for others is good for your health! Doing good for others has increases your own happiness too and helping others can actually have similar positive effects as working out. And the best part? Kindness doesn’t cost a thing! So make 2019 a year when you become a master of active empathy – it’s good for everyone! You can read more about active empathy on our blog here.


With these tips we want to wish you a happy New Year 2019!
Let’s make it a mighty one together!


This blog post was first shared a year ago, in the beginning of 2018. Find the original post here.