Spirituality has been our Mightifier Strength of the Month in July. Spirituality is about trying to find the meaning of things and life. It is not the same as religiousness, even though there are often spiritual contents in religiousness too.

It is said, that the two most special days of anyone’s life are the day when you are born and the day when you find your purpose. It’s not an easy task and it’s OK if you don’t cross the finish line. However, you can use your spirituality to try to find the meaning of your life, and your place in the bigger scheme of things.

Let’s give it a go! Here are the first steps on one path that could help you find where you belong:


And action!

When you start looking for something new and meaningful for your life, why wouldn’t you try some of them? Spirituality is often perceived as something quiet, lonely and only happening inside of your head. But how on earth could you find your passion just by sitting at home and thinking? Get your hands dirty and try the things you are interested in!


Stop to think!

Once you actually have some experience about the things that spark joy within you, it’s time to stop and think it through. Maybe take a cup – or a pot – of tea to company you while you go through the experience in your head or on paper. How did it make you feel? Could you see yourself pursuing it even more? Is it something that could benefit someone else too? Fresh air can also clear your head so take a few walks in the nature. Leave your headphones and favorite playlists at home and let your thoughts accompany you.


Ask for help!

If you’re still lost, ask for help! People around you might know you better than you do. At least they already form a group where you belong to. Ask for the opinion of a friend, family member or even your teacher. If you’re a Mightifier, grab your own strength profile and see where your peers have seen you shine. Positive feedback you’ve received from the people around you can be very helpful!


Don’t give up!

Remember this: you don’t have to find your place or purpose on the first go. It’s possible that you already are in the right place and it’s even more likely that there are more than one right paths for you. Keep your mind, eyes and heart open, and enjoy the ride!

Mighty tip! Keep your humour and curiosity at hand too! Curiosity will help you find new directions and humour will help you through when some of your efforts inevitably go south. Have fun!